Monday, February 8, 2010

Friend of the Week - The Rules

On Saturday afternoon, Ande and I decided that we need to add a few weekly/daily features to White Wine and Glow Sticks so that all of our devoted readers know what to expect when they visit us each day. You had your first taste of these new features with this morning's "TGIM," ALC's new weekly column. I have yet to decide what my contribution will be, but I hope that it lives up to her inspiring standards.

After some brainstorming, and several attempts to implement a "Fidler Friday," which would have required Madeleine and/or Todd to guest blog each week, since they decided they didn't want to do that, and we decided we wanted to include more of you, we settled on what we think is going to be a huge hit with all of you...FRIEND OF THE WEEK!!! We hope that this feature (a collaborative effort for sure) will bring you some excitement and competition over the coming days. Each week we are going to choose a Friend of the Week (hereinafter the "Friend") who will be featured in one blog entry a day, Monday through Thursday. These features could simply be a list of the Friend's likes and dislikes, his/her family tree, his/her stripper name (you know first pet's name and street you grew up on), or a just quick Q&A about their past/present/future. I think you get the point. Each Friday of that Friend's week we will ask him/her to contribute as a guest blogger in order to update all of us on how their special week went. If the Friend fails to blog, he/she will be punished, but we are not sure how just yet. On Fridays we will also ask all of you to submit to us your nominations for the Friend for the following week. Whoever receives the most nominations, subject to approval by the Board (SES and ALC), will be chosen as the new Friend. Please note: the Board reserves the right to appoint any person as Friend of the Week that it deems fit for the role, regardless of nominations received. In addition, no person can serve as Friend for consecutive weeks, unless said person is in dire need of attention.

We will be back sometime this afternoon to announce the first recipient. I know you all are about to pee in your pants you are so excited. Just hold it. It won't be too long.

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