Friday, February 5, 2010

Best day of the work week.

It’s Friday. You can feel the freedom of the weekend at your fingertips. No matter what the day of work brings, you know that at 5:00 o’clock, you can run out of the office and tell those crazy people you work with, “See you Monday, weirdos.” AGH….nothing like it.

I hope everyone has some great weekend plans – whether this means you are taking it easy and giving yourself some R & R, or you are going full force with glow sticks and too many glasses of wine.

I, along with Sarah, and many of my fellow friends will be participating in the “Dash for the Beads" run. (Race name just has FUN written all over it.) I love fun runs, but I hate when they publish the results online. Have a little respect people. I once ran a 10K race at a very slow pace, and now when you google my name, my name and race time show up…as well, as the fun fact of me coming in 3rd to last of the entire race. If this doesn’t do damage to one’s self esteem, I don’t know what does! So after the run, I hope to have some post race drinks and brunch and then who knows. That’s what is so great about the weekend- no deadlines. I could sit and watch DVR, I could play wii, or I could go wine myself all night.

Sunday, for me, is a day of getting organized for the week to come and recover from the great weekend i had. Don’t judge, but I don’t think I will participate in Super Bowl activities. I have never been a Sunday Funday girl. I can remember the one and only time I did Sunday Funday, and I ended up getting my picture with “Al.” (He’s the guy on Kid Kraddick that goes around to bars and sees drunk girls and then makes fun of them on the radio Monday morning.) I had no idea it was Al, till my friend Madeleine pointed it out. I was duped that day, and I can only hope I did not make it into Al’s mean morning radio lineup.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Live it up, because Monday’s come too soon. One last note, book club was a success. Good book, great company, good wine…really, how could you go wrong? The craziest thing, we really did discuss the book! Great book by the way. Props to Sarah for getting this club together.

May the force be with you. (and yours)

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